Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ham Steak and Red-eye Gravy

Have I mentioned how much I love America's Test Kitchen? Well, I do. I get a weekly email from them, and one time I noticed a link at the bottom that asked for volunteers to test recipes. Um, YES! I clicked on the link and never heard a word. That was months ago, but last week I finally got my first recipe - ham steak and red-eye gravy.

I have to admit, I wasn't exactly jumping for joy. I love ham and had heard of red-eye gravy, but I wasn't really excited about gravy with coffee in it. It turns out, red-eye gravy isn't so bad - at least not this recipe! In fact, it was really good.

The recipe used butter - which never hurt anything - and instant espresso powder - which gave the gravy a deeper flavor.
This is usually a breakfast food, but I made it for dinner and served it with biscuits and baked sweet potatoes. Another side benefit to testing this recipe is that I got to test out the great flat whisk my sister gave me for Christmas. Turns out it really is good for making gravy!

The unfair part about this post is that I can't share the recipe with you. But I will say that, if you do try to make red-eye gravy, make sure it has butter in it and use instant espresso instead of coffee. I found mine at Kroger next to the instant coffee. If this recipe comes out online, I will share for sure!

P.S. This one also gets the husband stamp of approval!

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  1. I LOVE red-eye gravy but never thought of making it myself! It's always a greasy spoon treat when we go home. :)